Clay and digestive system

Clay and digestive system

Our digestive system is the great martyr of our organism. We can not live without it (like the heart and lungs) and is the largest border between the exterior and the interior (much larger and more complex than the skin), it is up to 12 meters long.

The digestive system is where we concentrate 80% of our immune system to protect us from everything that food could enter as bacteria, viruses, parasites, etc. It is responsible for the separation of food and its good decomposition and Transformation into energy assimilated by our organism.

Some talk about a second brain that would handle digestion! What is certain is that it absorbs large amounts of energy to function, that it is in contact with a lot of pollution and dirt, that nobody cares for it and that it is the origin of many things (energy, energy, diseases, …).

Clay to improve digestive system problems

Digestive system problems

The problems of this organ are:

  1. That we do not see it and we do not know in what conditions it is.
  2. It never rests because it is always full and working. We no longer practice fasting and we eat every 4 hours in the day and 8 hours in the evening, when it takes between 8 and 12 hours to finish a digestion process.
  3. We fill it with foods that are too rich (proteins, fats, sugars, milk, …) that it is very difficult to absorb and excessively tired.
  4. It is packed with harmful chemicals that it does not recognize and does not know how to administer and that it keeps in the fats (aspartame or nanoparticles and all the added chemical ingredients – preservatives, dyes, …).

The consequences of all this is that we have a vital organ that is in very poor condition and has a hard time fulfilling its function. Besides not being able to fulfill, it is being degraded and this has direct consequences on our life.

The most common is that one of the 3 parts of the digestive system is inflamed:

  • stomach,
  • Or the intestine (thin or thick),
  • Or the colon.

All this is hindering their work and causes them to send signals to the body of their malaise as a crisis of acidity, reflux, gastric pains, soft salts, bad digestion, poor sleep, feeling of heaviness, lack of energy, … The signals are multiple But we do not listen to them and we continue with our harmful habits!

In addition, the digestive system is a soft organ that like the other soft organs (spleen, pancreas, gallbladder, liver, bladder, …) stores the emotions. So if we have a frantic pace of life, with many responsibilities and tensions, these bodies will be directly affected.

A poor diet, a frantic and very heavy pace of life, an aggressive environment (contaminated air, noise, artificial materials: clothes, shoes, etc.) are factors that deeply affect the health of our digestive system and therefore our health Whole. Hence the appearance of frequent skin disorders, eczema, herpes, irritations, reddish plaques psoriasis and more severe conditions.

The important logic that I want to emphasize here is the path that disease takes to manifest itself. Psoriasis comes from the inside out, not the back, not from the outside in (case of an open wound where the infection comes from outside in).

Clay to improve digestive system problems

The priest must follow the same path from the inside out. So it’s no use putting layers and layers of creams to relieve the symptoms, and less if they are aggressive with our skin … What needs to be done is to restore internal harmony, restore peace to the digestive system and clean it from all contamination Accumulated in our life.

Clay to improve digestive system problems: green clay Illite ultra-ventilatedFor that we have the ultra-ventilated green Illite clay in internal use. As by external use, it is the animals who taught us first about the benefits of clay in internal use. Throughout the animal kingdom, the only ones who do not eat clay are the pure carnivores. All other animals (mammals, birds and insects) eat clay for the regulation of the digestive system.

Whether to clean it of parasites, to remineralize it or alleviate a lack of food, the clay has always been absorbed by animals. We have only continued to do so, as our ape ancestors did, for our greatest benefit.

Today, we have clays that allow us to make cures without any risk of allergy, reactions or intoxication. The ultra-ventilated clay Illita has been mechanically treated to separate, by weight difference in an air stream (ultra-ventilated), mica, which is a mineral that can provoke an allergic reaction in certain people, when it is being used in internal .

After this treatment, the clay becomes perfectly harmless. It is absorbed diluted (in the evening) in a glass of mineral water and taken in the morning in fasting, for a period of 3 weeks. We repeat the process twice a year, in the spring and autumn are the seasons of change and cleaning.

Thus, we will restore the levels of pH, minerals and trace elements. We will remove the contaminants attached to the mucosa of the stomach-intestine-colon. We will remove gases that make digestion difficult.

The clay covers all the intestinal mucosa and allows to heal the small wounds (ulcers) and remineralizes the walls. The clay appeases the inflammations that we have in the intestinal tract and that cause so much damage (gases, intestinal cramps, bad digestion and the cutaneous apparitions), eliminating the harmful bacteria in the salts but conserving the good ones (difference with the antibiotics that destroy with everything ).

Clay to improve digestive system problems: drink water clayThe clay slows down the digestive process, which means that we take more advantage of the food. But this can also mean an increase in constipation or some constipation (it all depends on the metabolism of everyone). In this case, it is recommended to drink only the clay water but not the mud in the bottom and take it at night (instead of in the morning) before bed, to aid digestion.

We can also use it to relieve gastroenteritis or temporary food poisoning. In this case we will prepare a solution of mineral water with a tea spoon of green clay Illite ultra-ventilated and after 5 minutes we give it to the affected person, without waiting all night. The effects will feel right away so do the relief. We can repeat the shot before going to sleep to complete the cure and finish cleaning.

In the case of cancer treatments with radiotherapy, the clay in internal use allows the removal of radioactive particles that remain in the body after each session and accumulate in the fats. In the long run this accumulation of radioactivity, along with other contaminants (fluorine), in fats, can transform, and develop serious and rare diseases.

Again the clay allows us to alleviate our ailments in a natural, effective and respectful way. In symbiosis with our organism, the clay cleans the contaminants of our digestive system so that it can fulfill its function. We have a better intestinal transit, more energy and a simpler digestion. Our mood is higher and our immune system is stronger.

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