Issues to keep in mind when scheduling a routine at home

When we consider following a home training program, many times, we do not pay attention to one of the real problems that often exist. And is that, we think that everything focuses on getting us to train and little else. When really, the world of home exercise is more complex than it seems, and scheduling a home routine is more complicated than it really can get to look like .

Entering matter, it is essential that we know how the routine that we are going to perform works, being necessary to enter into other types of collaterals previously. The reasons are rooted in that basically, to get results (whether gaining muscle mass and strength or losing weight ), there are other types of points that are quite important as are diet and rest.


Next, we will proceed to explain some of the most important aspects in this regard. The idea is that when we spend some time with this routine at home, notice the greatest progress possible. That is, we do not have the feeling of wasting time.




Without leading a correct diet, it will be difficult to gain muscle mass or lose weight. It is important to educate the body when it comes to maintaining a diet geared to our goals.


In this sense, we must carry a hypercaloric diet if we seek to gain strength and muscle mass, which makes our body have more calories than it needs to stay. Conversely, if we want to lose weight, we must carry a caloric restricting diet or also known as hypocaloric. In this sense, it is important that we know what our basal metabolism is (it can be measured in different places with relative simplicity).


As soon as we know it, we must adjust the food by trying to include 300-500 calories above or below our maintenance rate, taking into account what we are going to burn also by training and performing our daily activities.


And, what foods should we take? For, in a generic way, the recommendations regarding the type of nutrients are the following:


Between 50-60% of the calories should be from foods rich in carbohydrates. Fruits, vegetables, rice, legumes and tubers like potatoes


Between 30-35% of calories from protein-rich foods. Good examples are chicken, veal, or any type of fish


Finally, between 15-25% should be part of the fats. Foods high in quality fats are avocado, walnuts, almonds, or fish like salmon.




Sleep well, has a greater impact at the time we succeed in performing good routine at home. However, it is important to emphasize in this sense, that the number of hours that we must be resting should be in conditions of quality.


Which means, basically, that they are hours of deep sleep . So the rest hours, even if they are 7, have to be deep sleep. That is, it is not enough to be 7 hours lying in bed alternating waking periods. It is important, that we change the way of thinking in this sense.


As for the benefits of sleeping when it comes to exercising at home, are as follows:


Recover Muscle Tissues Damaged by Training

Gain energy and strength to perform throughout the day

Optimization of the basic functions of the body, such as metabolic function, and the use of ingested calories.



This is the most important aspect of all, and where we will give the maximum. To begin with, we should focus our routine at home based on our goals. It is fundamental that we adapt our program to what we are fighting for. There are different goals, either solely for health, gain functional strength, or burn fat .


But in addition, we will need to familiarize ourselves. That is, we will try to familiarize ourselves with the exercises, and acquire a good technique. It is extremely important that we do the exercises well. That is, do not neglect the technique at any time. Either because of lack of technique or because we are trying to lift a lot of weight. We should have this present, but the risk of injury will be much lower. In addition, the muscle stimulation will be lower, causing us to improve more slowly.




As for the type of exercises we will have to do, it will depend a lot on how we focus our training. Based on what we want to achieve, and our physical limitations, we will choose a series of movements and / or gestures that fit the best possible. As a general rule, they will already be marked in our training sessions.


In any case, not all of us are equally useful the same exercises. Hence, part of the success of following an exercise routine at home, is individualization. We do not all progress in the same way, and that is why, if we are really interested in progressing, adapt the way we train.




In this sense, in this section you can find our personal training services . It is a good way to progress and improve thanks to our team of professionals. However, there are other services, and I urge you to investigate if you wish. The important thing, in this sense, is that you end up satisfied with the experience, so analyze the market, and choose the service that will compensate you the most.

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