How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster and Healthier

Like the skin, our hair is unique to our bodies. It requires certain nutrients to be healthy and grow. The trick is to find out what works for you.

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If you are something like us, you have lost count of how many times you have left the house and been struck by jealousy over someone who has a lot more volume in your hair, with incredible thickness and health at the tip of each hair. But every time you see these hair heroes, remember that this type of vibrant style does not come overnight and the fact is that your hair regimen has probably been perfected during years of choice and habits.


Why have healthier hair?


To begin with, having healthier hair means you will have the best appearance and can massively increase your self-confidence. Spending time concentrating on what you are doing to your hair will lead to better habits, too. Shorter hair may be easier to handle, but when a certain length passes, the ends and roots begin to be unhealthy, greasy or split, meaning there may be problems in the hair paradise. It is really important to take care of your hair, because dirt and germs can cling to it, too. If you are looking for reasons to stay on top of hair hygiene, look no further.


To make it grow, cut it


I understand this sounds like taking a step forward and two steps back, but believe us. The more regularly you cut your hair, the less chance you’ll have of cutting more hair the next time you get a cut and so on. Most people will cut their hair when they need to be cut, but why not try to cut it before that and give your hair a great chance to grow healthier and make it easier for long hair to grow.


Supplement your current routine


Whatever you are currently doing, stop and take a moment to think: What shampoo are you wearing? Do you use conditioner? There are plenty of shampoos on the shelves that actually offer additional ingredients that can help with healthier hair and scalp. Just in the same way you begin a diet to perfect your body, make sure you know what it is putting into your hair, too. There are lots of over-the-counter products that you can buy that offer natural hair vitamins and nutrients that encourage your hair to grow healthy. Take a look on the internet to find what you want.

Brush your hair!

This may not be quite the hot take I am making sound, but people with mid-range hair length could hardly ever brush their hair. If you have short hair, then do not care too much, but brush your hair for a minute twice a day. Brushing your hair will stimulate the follicles and help move the blood around your scalp, which in turn helps your hair become healthier and grow faster. Keep in mind, brushing with a comb is better than using a brush as it gets much less damage. Other than that, it just looks much better brushed every day. Soft, clean, healthy and straight. A dream of hair.

Take care of your scalp

This seems pretty obvious, but it is not. Your scalp is the thing that holds your hair to the head, keeping it fresh and healthy. But it is also possibly the lowest thinking on the part of hair care. Unless you get a flaky scalp, you can sometimes forget that you still need to take care of it, as you would with your skin. The scalp is a very sensitive area and if it is not healthy, it can also affect your hair. Having a scaly scalp will change your hair and health the same. Use the correct shampoo and conditioner for your head.

Eat more protein

Eating a balanced diet is a standard routine or at least it should be. But it’s not just your weight and your physical health that will help, it will also grow your hair. The protein , like many other foods, is one of the building blocks of life. Protein is used in your body to create amino acids, which are also used for creating new hairs. If you have unhealthy hair, the best way to produce healthy hair is to take in plenty of protein, cut your hair regularly and take good care of your diet .

Beware of style

So, we all like the style of our hair, but you have to be careful. Keeping your hair healthy means being careful with heat and chemicals. The more you use straighteners, curlers, dryers and more, the harder your hair will react. This is the same thing to color your hair. Coloring your hair can make it sit and look pretty cool, but as for how it reacts, well, the results vary. Coloring your hair a few times is not bad. But if you do it regularly (bleaching is a no-no for regular use), your hair will react in the long run. Styling is useful for looks and for confidence, but just remember the effects if it can have on healthy hair.

Shampoo a little less

Less shampoo is actually very useful for your hairs condition. You need oils in your hair to help you against all kinds of harsh treatments. And if you wash your hair properly every day, your hair gets used to it, it dries and these natural fats (I know that no one likes greasy hair) will protect you for longer. Makes sense. If you think your hair needs to be washed every day, consider investing in a good dry shampoo.


Taking care of your hair really requires time and effort. It’s great if you like style and washing, but being aware of the damage you can do is much better than being blissfully ignorant. The idea of ​​getting a balanced intake of protein should improve other aspects of your life, but also hair growth. If you take a combination of these things into consideration, you will definitely see an improvement in how your hair looks, feels and wears.

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