Which shampoo should I use for oily hair?

For most people having greasy hair can be a big problem as it is difficult to handle and comb. Even when you wash your hair in the morning or at night it will look horrible and greasy.

So what is the reason behind oily hair? The answer to that is the sebaceous gland and excessive secretion of sebum .

Being tallow is a component in charge of protecting the hair, but that when it occurs excessively can make your hair looks this way.

Recommended shampoo type for oily hair

What shampoo do I use?

In order to have less oily hair, we need to work on the scalp first. The good news is that greasy hair shampoos were made just for this purpose.

A good product that you can use is a  neutral shampoo  since unlike other products in charge of cleaning the hair has an alkaline Ph. This product will help you normalize the pH of your hair as oils or tallow have an acidic pH. Being a balanced pH is an essential factor for having healthy and beautiful hair.

You should also take into account the texture of the product you are going to acquire. To me personally I like the shampoos that are transparent, since the white color can mean that the shampoo has an added ingredient and according to my experience this is not the type of shampoo that you should buy in case of having a greasy hair.

It is also important to remember that astringent products can help remove excess fat and as a result it may be a good idea to choose those products based on fruits or herbs. Being the shampoos that contain extracts of citrus, olive and lemon are ideal for people suffering from greasy hair, as well as chamomile, sage, aloe and tea tree oil.

What types of shampoos should I avoid?

Firstly, it is advisable not to use shampoo without salt, as you will see in  this article , this product has been designed to be used in very badly treated or dry hair because it has a lower amount of surfactant salts (substance responsible for cleaning) A component that can be very aggressive for some people.

However for fatty hair you need these surfactants as these help you clean that excess fat.

Washing Instructions

Whatever greasy hair shampoo you choose, make sure you do not wash or rinse it very fast.

You should give the shampoo some time to do your work while doing a massage to the scalp. About 30 seconds should be sufficient for thorough cleaning.

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