Why shaving during winter can damage your skin?

Shaving is quite hard on your skin, but shaving during the winter is the worst. Combined with dry and cold weather, shaving can cause tons of different irritations to the skin.

Why shaving during winter can damage your skin?

When it comes to skin in general, winter is an absolute nightmare. Some consensus may read that the sun is harmful to your skin and if it is not regulated, then for sure, that’s true. But the winter months can do as much short term damage to your skin if you do not keep an eye out for telltale signs. Cold winter air can dry the skin to a point where it becomes painful and cracked. Something else that can severely damage your skin through the winter months is shaving. The harsh and frequent extreme condition during January and February means that you will have to change your shaving routine to fit in with the winter months.

What does winter do to your skin?

It makes sense to believe that the sun during the summer months would dry your skin. This, however, is not the case. When the sun comes out we begin to sweat, which means that our skin becomes less dry. However, when it is winter and it is cold, the cold in the air dries our skin without being able to fall back into sweating to act as a natural moisturizer. That is why skin conditions such as eczema can often hurt more in the winter. But what does this have to do with shaving? How can it affect you in the long run?

Shaving and skin irritation

You can get irritated skin when shaving at best. But when cold air is hurting you in the winter, the extra strain on your shaving skin can cause redness, sores and rashes. The way the gel and foam work when shaving is similar to having less dry skin. You are not struggling against a layer of hard and fragile skin if you use gel, because it moisturizes by shaving the surface of your skin and then calm it at the same time.


What products should I use when shaving?

There are a handful of different products that you could use when shaving. If you are a man and you are shaving your face or a woman and shaving your legs, choosing which product to use in winter can save you the pain. Using an exfoliating cream regularly will help your skin become smoother and less cracked during the winter months. This, in and of itself, will aid shaving, because there is less aggravation and friction against your skin. During shaving, you should always use a gel or foam, never shave dry. Even though people sometimes shave dry, this is not a good idea, especially during the winter. Finding a gel with natural ingredients, such as mint , will allow any sore or aggravation to subside with a natural remedy, Which is always the best way forward. If you want additional protection, you can use a post shave cream that will refresh and cure any pain, erythema or rash.


Tips on drying your skin when shaving

Do not sleep too much

I know we spend a lot of time before advising them to be careful, because winter dries the skin and now we are going to tell them to take shorter showers, but it makes sense. Your skin is waterproof and having a hot steam shower over a long period will definitely dry out the skin more, promoting the possibility of damaging your skin. Have you ever noticed that after spending time in the shower your skin can go scaly, dry and rough? It is the same reason why your skin wrinkles after a long bath. Do not dry before shaving.

Wet your skin with a warm towel

We are totally sending mixed signals here, but if you soak a bath towel in warm water and moisten the area where you are shaving in advance, it opens the pores and allows for easier shaving. Do not use very hot water, make sure it is simply hot. You should find yourself with an easier shave, which hurts your dry skin less.

Keep your razor sharp

This is a tip for shaving in general, but if you are trying to shave dry skin with a razor, it will only end up causing even more damage. You should make sure you are buying a new razor or sharpening the blades. You can do this easily in a pair of old jeans. Simply run your razor by one leg of an old pair of jeans several times to improve the sharpness, and you will know the difference when shaving. Using an opaque razor causes the wet shave to feel like a dry shave and instead of cutting the hair, it will pull and crawl over it, causing burns: additional pain and aggravation. Also, try to avoid using plastic razors instead of bigger and expensive branded products.


Shaving in the right direction

As your skin becomes drier, you should make sure that you do your utmost to avoid pain during shaving. Pay attention to the following shaving tips. Make sure you are following the direction of the hair when shaving may be a little less effective, but it will also mean less pain. Instead of being lazy and shaving once against the grain for a cleaner shave, going through the same area a few times will relieve some of the extra pain. This, along with a sharp razor, should leave you soft and painless.


You can use some of the tips above all year, but using these during the winter will help you avoid damaging your skin and causing you some major discomfort. Using a top grade moisturizer regularly will also help improve the quality of shaving you will get as well as leave your skin fresh and smelling great. Everyone has different skin, but winter is a tough lover, so if you work out and regularly expose yourself to the elements, I would certainly advise you to use more of our tips more regularly.

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