Workout Routine at Home – For Women!

Get fit without going to the gym! At the moment it is very easy to be able to tonify the body from home thanks to that there are a lot of sports routines that can be realized in any room that has a minimum of space to be able to realize the movements without problem some. In order to do the exercises you will only have to do with dumbells or weights and also with a mat to cushion the blows and not hurt your back or knees.

In this article we are going to propose you an exercise routine to do at home for women because we know that girls do not look for the same thing as men when it comes to playing sports. Keep reading and you will discover some of the best exercises to burn fat and get your body toned to look more bundled and in optimum condition.

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Weekly Home Workout Routine

Exercises at home to strengthen the legs

Exercise routine for arms at home

Strengthen the abdomen at home

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You will need to:

2 dumbbells

1 mat

Weekly Home Workout Routine

To be able to do a home workout routine for women, it is important to remember how important it is to be consistent in sports practice. That is to say, to do sport is not something that we must do in a punctual way but it has to be a habitual habit in our day to day that will take care of our health both inside and out.

It is for this reason that, next, we are going to propose you a weekly training routine that is designed so that you can do exercise at home in a practical and simple way. Remember that for your body to benefit from training, it is important to perform at least 3 days a week of training, but the best thing is to do it 4 or 5 days.

Here is a weekly exercise routine designed for women and can be done at home very simply:

Monday : We will train the muscles of the legs and abdomen

Tuesday : We will train the muscles of the arms and also the abdomen

Wednesday : Rest day, essential for recovering strength and our muscles can be in perfect condition again

Thursday : We will focus on working the muscles of the legs and arms

Friday : We will train all muscle groups, ie legs, arms and abdomen

Saturday : Day of rest

Sunday : Day of rest

Rest days are vital to avoid overtraining and increase the risk of injury or muscle pain. In addition to toning exercises, it is essential that you complement this bodybuilding routine with cardiovascular exercises that activate your muscles and help you lose calories, such as making a buzz at home , starting with a step-at- home session or going out to Do running for 20 or 30 minutes around your house.


Exercises at home to strengthen the legs

We start with the home workout routine focusing on three exercises that will work on different leg muscles: the thighs (quadriceps), the twins, the abductors, the buttocks and the hips. With these exercises you can tone the entire lower body of the body and thus eliminate accumulated fat and look a stronger and slimmer body.

Squatting for the quadriceps

One of the best exercises you can do at home to strengthen your legs are squats. To perform this exercise you must follow the following steps:

Straight up on the mat and keep your arms hanging close to your body.

Slightly spread your legs and stand firmly with the soles of your feet on the floor

Slowly lowering her bottom to the ground with her legs strong. If you lose stability, you can stretch your arms forward at shoulder height.

Lower everything you can and, when you have reached the limit, hold 5 seconds and then go up little by little.

Repeat this exercise in 3 sets of 15 repetitions each so you can work your muscles well. Over time, you can hold weight in your hands to make it harder to perform this exercise and, thus, work more this area of ​​the body.

Raise the feet for the twins

Let’s now work on the twins’ area to eliminate the accumulated fat and get better defined muscles. In order to achieve this, it is enough that we make a movement that surely you have done sometime: to tiptoe. You must follow these steps to do the exercise correctly:

Stand on top of the mat by slightly separating the feet

Now, raise your heels by standing on tiptoe

Hold this position for 5 seconds and then return to the starting position

Repeat this movement until you complete 15 repetitions, and then continue until you reach the 3 sets. With the passage of time, you can increase in repetitions and / or sessions so your body continues to work to the fullest.

Lateral lifting to strengthen the hips

In a routine of exercises for women can not miss the one that focuses on working and defining the hips since this part of the body is one where more tends to accumulate the saturated fat in the female body. Therefore, an ideal exercise to work in this area is the following:

Lie on your side on the mat supporting your head with the palm of your hand

Now, you must raise the leg you have at the top to the maximum you can

When you reach the top, slowly lower the leg and, without supporting it, raise the leg to strengthen the muscles of the hip

You will have to repeat this movement 15 times and then change the leg to work the other zone. This exercise ends when you get 3 sets of 15 repetitions with each leg and, over time, you can put weights on your legs and / or increase the series to get your muscles working to the maximum.

Raise leg for adductors and glutes

Adductors are the muscles that are on the inner side of the thigh and often tend to lose toning and become flaccid. For this reason, it is essential that we perform an exercise specially designed for this area but that, in addition, will also serve to tone the glutes. You should do the following:

Get on your knees on the mat, in the position of the puppy, trying to keep your back straight at all times and with your hands supported

In this position, you must raise one of the legs by creating a 90 degree angle to your body

Then slowly lower your leg so that, without supporting it, lift it again

With this exercise put into operation as many adductors as the glutes and, therefore, will be ideal to sculpt your figure. Perform 3 sets of 15 with each leg and, little by little, you will notice results.

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Exercise routine for arms at home

We continue this exercise routine to do at home for women attacking, now, the muscles that we have in the upper body, that is, the arms, the shoulders and the back. There are different exercises that you can carry out but then we will propose these with which you will be able to strengthen all the muscles of this zone; Yes, the best thing is that you have a few dumbbells or dumbbells to better develop muscle work.

Biceps Exercises To Do At Home

To work the muscles of the biceps it will be enough for us to perform a very simple exercise but the sea of ​​cash that will help you tone this area. You should do the following:

Stand on the mat and hold a dumbbell or weigh in each hand. The weight you can choose it yourself according to your physical strength.

To do the exercise simply lift the forearm and bring the weight to the chest if you lift the elbow of your body

When you get up, you will have to slowly lower your arm until you reach the starting position and without resting, raise your arm to exercise the bicep

Start by doing a series of 15 in one arm, then do another series with the other arm. The exercise ends when you have completed 3 sets of 15 repetitions with each arm.

Strengthen shoulders and back

We continue with this exercise routine for women talking about one that is ideal for toning the shoulders and strengthening the back. To do this you must follow these steps:

Sit on a chair to keep your back straight

In each hand you must hold a dumbbell or weigh and have the arms fully stretched

Then you should raise your arms to chest height and then lift them up your head by stretching them to the maximum

Then, you must lower the arms following the same steps and repeat the movement again

You will have to do a 3 series of 15 and, little by little, increase the weight to exercise the muscle better.

Exercising for the Ticceps at Home

The triceps are the muscles we have on the back side of the biceps and, in the case of women, it is an area where we also tend to accumulate saturated fat. To tone this area you can do exercises like the one shown below:

Stand on the mat and hold a weight with both hands

In this position you should raise your arms above your head by stretching them as far as you can

Afterwards, you will have to lower your forearm so that the weight stays in your neck

At the beginning, with 3 sets of 15 you will have enough, later, you will be able to increase to exercise more the muscle.

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Strengthen the abdomen at home

While it is true that there are many exercises to strengthen the abdomen, in truth we are going to propose you one that works all the muscles with the same exercise and that also also exercises other parts of the body such as buttocks, legs Or arms. We are talking about the exercise of the board or table and it is a way to perform static gymnastics and that focuses on toning various parts of the body, especially the abdomen.

In this way, in a single exercise you will be able to activate all the muscles of this zone and, thus, you will avoid having to do an exercise for each muscular part: inferior, superior and flanks. With the exercise of the board you will all work in the same exercise. But, in order to do it effectively, you must hold 5 minutes in this position , statically. At first it will be complicated, so we recommend that you start with 30 seconds and that, in time, increase.

To do this exercise, you simply have to lie face down on the mat, leaning on your forearms. In this position, lift your body and hold only the weight with the tips of the feet and forearms. Stay parallel to the ground and hold for at least 30 seconds; You should increase the exercise time until you reach the 5 minutes.

If you prefer to try another classic exercise, we recommend that you follow this abdominal routine that we propose in unCOMO.

If you want to do exercises to do at home like you are in a gym, do not hesitate to download the APP 8fit for your mobile or tablet, where you can find many exercises to exercise and stay in shape from home, without the need to pay a Personal trainer with a totally specialized treatment, adapting the difficulty and the load of the exercises to your needs and possibilities.

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