Yoga changed my life : It’s Rest To Brain & Body

In these times yoga does not need presentation, it is already well known. There are many people who practice it and others who are beginning to internalize it. Of course for that it becomes necessary to leave certain beliefs that still remain on what is believed to be.

The most common is that it will be boring to be quiet for minutes in one position. Another, which is a religion that little by little separates people from Christianity. Respiratory exercises are said to damage the brain. And several beliefs that, like all beliefs are concepts that we take and give as true without asking, not even investigate whether it is or is not. Someone said, and we accepted.

How yoga changed my life

But we also accept as indisputable truth when those who are already doing yoga say that their practice has changed their lives, even the unsuspected. It speaks of physical, emotional, psychic healings. Not because they have proposed it thus, nor sought it, but because the fact of practicing this millennial discipline leads to those benefits.

So what is true? Does it serve or not? Is it able to change our lives or is it just an illusion? Is it dangerous and harmful?

Of course, those who are his supporters say the opposite, speak of its great benefits. Andrew Weil , a well-known holistic and alternative US physician, says performing this activity regularly helps older women stay balanced and stable by avoiding falls that are associated with osteoporosis.

Also the defenders and researchers of this discipline have proven that it helps in the release of repressed emotions that are expressed in contractures, or somatizing diseases of different types. He is trained to feel not only the physical sensations but also the emotional ones that appear with the exercises, without judging, without rejecting them.

All this does not invalidate that one can have a bad experience with yoga. Especially at the physical level, if the instructor in charge is not careful enough with his students. Since certain postures exist that are not suitable for certain health problems, on the contrary, they are absolutely contraindicated.

Beyond the physical part, yoga is taking its practitioners inward, concentrating through breathing, remaining silent while they are present, attentive to the postures of their body.

But all this propagandización that is in books, interviews, manuals, does it really happen?

Yoga pose

Examples of changes brought about by Yoga

And yes, for some people it was a radical change in their lives. This is what Brenda says. Her nervous system stopped working three years ago, she could no longer walk, remember, eat alone, read or write. It even went so far as to be declared in a coma in a hospital in the United States. He woke up three days later, deciding to start over. That was how he started with restorative yoga. Today he walks, eats, writes, reads, laughs assuring that yoga did not change his life, but saved him.

Melissa did not save her but changed her body. Since he practiced lifting of weights and soon his musculature began to hurt much to him to have hardened. It was yoga that allowed him to have total plasticity again. So much was the change that left the weights to delve deeper into this practice including meditation.

But one question that fits is, does yoga prevent us from disease? Not necessarily, but it can change the perception of life accepting the disease and its teaching. This is the case of the famous American doctor, author of “Your Erroneous Areas”, Wayne Dyer (1940-2015). Dyer had been living a healthy life for years, taking care of her food, walking, swimming in the sea and of course practicing yoga and meditation. And suddenly, he was diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

However, thanks to yoga and meditation he discovered that cancer allowed him to awaken the desire to serve, to be more loving and generous with others, not to be carried away by the need of the ego.

It is precisely meditation that causes more resistance in some people. Therefore it is necessary to clarify that it is not obligatory in the practice of yoga to do meditation. Since there are branches such as Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga or Iyengar that focus on the physical rather than the introspection.

Seen in this way, and according to the different testimonies there is the possibility that yoga can change the life of someone. “Can” to the extent that the person allows himself to transform, relax … In the end is to decide if we want to be happy or not. In any case, the only place where complete happiness is within us.

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